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What is today’s American Dream?

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Yesterday’s American Dream was to own your own home.

In today’s ever changing economy that dream is becoming a nightmare.  Don’t get me wrong many Americans still want to own instead of rent and many already own a home – or let’s say the bank is letting them live there . The difference today is that adults want more – a lot more! According to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Perspective, there is more than one American Dream.   One biggie is to have piece of mind that their family and friends are safe.  Another is to have the resources to get out of the corporate jungle and start their own business (as evidenced by the incredible growth of business coaches, life coaches, and even dream coaches).; and another popular dream is to have enough money to do whatever they want to do.
Would love to hear what your American Dream is and what you are doing to make it a Dream Come True.

About the Author
Debbie Silverman is a Human Behavior Specialist and President of a consumer research company called Consumer Perspective LLC. She is also a two-time Effie Award winner for Marketing Excellence, NLP Practitioner and creator and co-author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller, “It’s Just a Conversation.”With 30+ years’ experience, Debbie uses her unique strategic engagement techniques to raise the bar on how businesses communicate with their customers to create RAVING FANS! Debbie gets a thrill when she can reveal ways companies can delight their customers and initiate long-term and PROFITABLE conversations. Contact Debbie Silverman today for ways to delight your customers; speaking engagements and corporate workshops. Debbie may be reached at Debbie@Consumer-Perspective.com. You can find Debbie on LinkedIn and Facebook. For more information about Consumer Perspective LLC, please go to www.Consumer-Perspective.com

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