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Consumer Perspective Clients achieve a better understanding of their customers and connect with them in such a way that they have successfully grown their businesses. What some of our raving fans are saying about us:

Corporate Buzz

Debbie and Consumer Perspective did an outstanding job on the consumer research for Women’s Prosperity Network’s annual international conference. They went over and above personally contacting the attendees with questions that were insightful and creative that gave us exactly the information we wanted. Debbie and her staff over-delivered and gave us outside the box ideas to make our next event even better. What was uncovered from this research never would’ve been found without the excellent questions and the way the interviewers made people feel safe and comfortable sharing the truth. I know they wouldn’t have been as candid with me or my staff. Find out what your customers want — it’s the only way to really know what they think — and– they won’t tell you what they’ll tell Consumer Perspective.

Trish Carr

Co-Founder of WPN
Author, International Speaker

Everything went well today – I received your debriefing summary and we met with the President. We went over the key takeaways and have already revised our show rundown and made a few changes directly in response to the focus groups you conducted. Thank you so much! It was a big success. We’re celebrating with a pizza party today if you want to join us for lunch. Thanks!

Caryn Stumpfl

Brand Manager
Nature’s Code One/QVC Product

Debbie is a highly intelligent and knowledgeable marketing strategist. Throughout the numerous projects we worked on together I found her consumer and market insights to be critical to the decision making process and very much a key part of achieving (or exceeding) the ROI required. She is not afraid to ‘give you the straight goods’ and ensures you stay on strategy, on time and on budget with projects.

Ronald Fabbro

LinkedIn Profile 

“If there is one area that Consumer Perspective stands out from its competition it would be on a true understanding of the value of strategy to be successful. A good strategy needs to be supported by in-depth and insightful consumer or channel research to confirm or dispute the strategic direction. Recruiting the right target consumers and respondents is also a strength unlike most companies of this nature”

“Debbie is bright, intelligent, experienced. One of the best moderators I have worked with. She delivers insights and results in a timely manner and plays a key role in strategically using the insight to position a business and its products and services for success”

SCMR Consulting

“The team at Consumer Perspective conducted our focus groups with grand professionalism, knowledge, excellence, and large attention to detail. They have certainly exceeded our expectations – not to mention the vast amount of invaluable information we got from the project – and we hope to work with them again in the near future.”

Fernando M. Lárez

Marketing Director
The College of Business & Technology

“The research that Consumer Perspective conducted in both English and Spanish helped us to develop our Brand message”

CBT College

“Debbie brings the highest standard of professionalism to her work. Her broad knowledge base allows her to easily understand the issues we as a company are facing and to implement the proper research – quantitative and qualitative – as needed in a timely manner for us to move forward. From an analytical perspective, she has an uncanny knack of clearly and concisely summarizing vast amounts of information and ties it together with findings from previous research conducted. A real pro!”

Gail Nicolaus

Manager, Consumer Integrating Marketing Communications
Royal Caribbean International (Celebrity Cruises)

Alison Calder

Director of Marketing
Airborne Health

“Consumer Perspective has met and exceeded our expectations from cost and time efficiencies to quality moderation and comprehensive analysis providing us with the necessary insight to make decisions that have continuously increased our response rates and therefore our bottom line.”

Sabina Wehring

VP Marketing
Club Med

“We’ve worked with Debbie Silverman and her company, Consumer Perspective since the mid 90’s. Debbie is responsive, understands our issues and the learning from the research she’s conducted is something we value and use.”

Tim V. Roby

SVP Sales and Marketing
Kerzner International Resorts, Inc.
(Atlantis Paradise Island)

“The research conducted by Consumer Perspective was very instrumental in the development of our current ad campaign for FRIS VODKA. Debbie Silverman was able to ascertain what is important to the consumer to learn, what is confusing and what is just too much information that they do not care about.”

Don Hazlewood


“Consumer Perspective conducted their research in a highly professional manner. The focus group process and follow-up reports helped us to better define our marketing plan. We have been pleased with the quality of all work performed for us by Consumer Perspective.”

Scott Savin

Gulfstream Park

“The focus groups held by Consumer Perspective were greatly needed in order for us to fully understand the impact of our existing offerings on our guests. During this time, we were able to identify a number of factors such as what expectations our guests have when arriving to the property, how we can improve the product that we presently have and most importantly, how we can meet or exceed any preconceived expectations. This information was most invaluable.”

Amanda Felts

Director of Guest Activities and Resort Programming
Atlantis Paradise Island

“We’ve worked with Debbie and Consumer Perspective on several occasions and have always been pleased. Debbie has helped us get to know our customers better and the information obtained has enabled us to make informed decisions in several key areas of our business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and her company to anyone seeking to find out exactly what their customers want.”

Mike Tanner

Director of Marketing and Media
Gulfstream Park

“Quick turnaround from prospecting focus group participants to analysis of test results. My experience with Consumer Perspective was excellent.”

Michael Smith

VP Marketing
Hair Club

“Debbie treats every project as if it’s the most important she’s ever done. She’s a terrific team member and a valuable resource.”

Jann Sabin


“Debbie provided unparalleled service for my qualitative and quantitative market research needs. Her analysis and recommendations allowed us to move forward with confidence. She is a pro!”

Carrie Florea, Ph.D.

Director of Market / Recruitment and Performance
Nova Southeastern University
LinkedIn Profile

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Entrepreneur Buzz

“I secured Debbie Silverman’s consulting services to create a strong brand message. Debbie understands who I AM, my curious nature and my writing style. Her precise questions and honest insights helped me to quickly get to my own “Why” as well as define the pain points of my clients.”

Cat Wagman

Author and Professional Writer

“I had an amazing session with Debbie Silverman yesterday. She worked through all of my confusing problems, different names, different information. She took me through her Consumer Sweet Spot Blueprint. The new me, The 5 Minute De-Stressor was born out of the mouth of Debbie. It popped and we both looked at each other like that was it. It was an out of body experience. I even procured the domain names. This title describes exactly what happens when one colors. Throw away the pills and rejoin living with a loving and free spirit. Thank you, Debbie for your firm guidance. I will never forget your brilliance.”

Lisa Tishman

Author, Speaker and Artist at Healing Arts & Meditation

If you’re not yet a client, how would you like to be?
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