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Does your company have an ER Department?

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We all know that in a health emergency we go to the ER.

What do you do when your brand is in Jepoardy?

In my world as a brand engagement expert and president of Consumer-Perspective LLC, ER stands for Experience Research.  Knowing the experience your brand and company give your customers is the difference between a thriving business and one that is in TROUBLE.

Imagine if Coca-Cola paid attention to their customers’ experience with their flagship brand Coke instead of juggling product attributes and taste.  The “New Coke” debacle would never have happened.

Consider the Oreo cookie.  What immediately comes to my mind and most others is the way you eat an Oreo.  The kid in me will eat the middle of the Oreo first and save the chocolate cookie for last.  That experience makes me feel young and makes me want to eat more Oreos!  (Just don’t tell my trainer!)1200px-Oreo-Two-Cookies

In a recent research study for an Australian seasoning and bouillon company I identified the experience consumers have with the brand.  This learning led to a brand positioning where the brand name is used as a verb in cooking – Let’s Massel Tonight!

While understanding product attributes is important, understanding and embracing one’s experience with your brand is vital to your brand’s health.

What’s impressive about Customer Experience is that it’s evergreen (is and will always be relevant to your brand’s success); is important to everyone (young and old); creates a feeling (good or bad) and knowing if your Brand Experience is positive or negative and knowing how to improve one’s experience could be a way to create product extensions, enhance advertising messages, increase price points and SALES!

Ask yourself these 5 simple questions about your business.  Hint, if you answer “NO” to any of them take your brand to Consumer-Perspective’s ER right away!

  1. Do I know if my customers are getting a truly positive experience at every touch point with my company?
  2. Have I taken off my marketing hat and walked in my customers’ shoes lately?
  3. Can my customers get through to a live person if they call my business?
  4. Would all customers recommend my products / services to a close friend?
  5. Would all my customers be upset if my business went out of business tomorrow?

Customer Experience is definitely worth talking about.  If you want to have that conversation, please call me today!  Check out my website for contact information: www.consumer-perspective.com

About the Author
Debbie Silverman is a Human Behavior Specialist and President of a consumer research company called Consumer Perspective LLC. She is also a two-time Effie Award winner for Marketing Excellence, NLP Practitioner and creator and co-author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller, “It’s Just a Conversation.”With 30+ years’ experience, Debbie uses her unique strategic engagement techniques to raise the bar on how businesses communicate with their customers to create RAVING FANS! Debbie gets a thrill when she can reveal ways companies can delight their customers and initiate long-term and PROFITABLE conversations. Contact Debbie Silverman today for ways to delight your customers; speaking engagements and corporate workshops. Debbie may be reached at Debbie@Consumer-Perspective.com. You can find Debbie on LinkedIn and Facebook. For more information about Consumer Perspective LLC, please go to www.Consumer-Perspective.com

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