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Affordable Customized Data Analytic Solutions

What We Do

We take your database, simplify it, identify relationships within the data and develop sound marketing opportunities for growth, including…

  • Initiatives to INCREASE revenue
  • Recommendations to REDUCE churn
  • Strategies to WIN BACK former customers
  • Tactics to INCREASE customer engagement

Our Approach

We use the most advanced data analysis tools to summarize the data and provide predictive analytics. All of which lead to marketing solutions to attract prospects and keep your CUSTOMERS engaged and happy.

Did You Know…

Most companies today suffer from data overwhelm. That’s right, they collect a lot of important data such as sales, demographics, date of purchase, etc., etc., etc. The only problem is they don’t have the time and resources to really uncover what’s in their database.

What if we could show you...

  • How engaged your customers are so that you may profit from a 60-70% chance of successfully selling to them again.
  • Why your customers left so you may benefit from a 20-40% chance of winning them back.
  • Patterns of your customers’ past behavior so you could increase the chance of turning a prospect into a customer!

Dale Wilson, Ph.D.
Data Science Expert

Debbie Silverman
Human Behavior

Who We Are

Consumer Perspective LLC is a market research and strategic planning company created in 1995 to take the guesswork out of marketing. Our specialty is to go beyond the expected and provide real business intelligence solutions.

We joined forces with a team of university based experts, headed by R. Dale Wilson, Ph.D. Dale’s expertise involves statistical analysis and interpretation of marketing data that drives marketing strategy and a competitive advantage. Our partnership offers affordable, custom data mining and data analytic services to our clients.

We are passionately committed to providing stunning, smart, marketing tactics, and strategies, and, we guarantee a return on your research investment!

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