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Customers – Satisfying Customers

Are you satisfying customers?

Do you really KNOW your customers and do you KNOW what they want?

Do you know how to THRILL your customers?
If you think you know … the truth may surprise you!

Satisfying your customers has to do with KNOWING what they want.

fragola con pannaDale Carnegie, author of the famous book, How to Win Friends and Influence People , opens one chapter of his book by saying, “I often went fishing up in Maine during the Summer. Personally, I am very fond of strawberries and cream, but have found that for some strange reason, fish prefer worms. So when I went fishing, I didn’t think about what I wanted – I thought about what they wanted!” really know them. When was the last time you asked them about their wants, needs, fears? When was the last time you thrilled your customers?

Guessing could lead to severe consequences like loosing customers to your competition. After all, customers can always go someplace else!

When was the last time you asked them why they use your product or service? People
When was the last time you observed your customers using your product or service?
When was the last time you paid attention to your competition?
When was the last time you asked past customers why they stopped using your product?

When was the last time you conducted a customer satisfaction study and asked them how your company could serve them better?
When was the last time you listened to what they had to say?

When was the last time you thrilled your customer?

Can you take off your marketing hat and learn to think like your customer?

Do you have a written and visual reminder of what your thrilled customers look like?
Is it in your face all the time?

If you can’t remember the last conversation you had with your customers and you have a blurry image of your customers then its time to rethink your marketing plan!

Customer satisfaction comes from paying attention to your customers and following these five steps:

  1. Put yourself in their shoes. See and understand your product or service through their eyes.
  2. Embrace and understand the Process your customer goes through when in need of the type of service or product you provide.
  3. Identify your customers’ Problems.
  4. Use Professionals or experts (such as Consumer Perspective and editors of trade publications) to learn more about your customer or client.
  5. Create a brief prospect Profile of your ideal customer.

Bonus Step: Persistence Don’t give up!

Imagine knowing your customers so well you can create new products and services. Imagine creating communication efforts that truly speak to your customers and imagine THRILLING them in such a way that they become ‘raving’ fans on social media.

Addressing the above steps to satisfying your customers means spending time getting to know your customers. It means going back to the basics — like why your brand exists and the one problem it solves. It means asking your customers or clients what they want and understanding their needs and problems.

It means getting to know your customers again for the first time.

It means going beyond satisfying your customers to THRILLING them! Vor Freude in die Luft springen

Stop wasting your valuable time and marketing dollars thinking or guessing you know what your customers want — its time to pick up the phone or email us to learn how satisfying your customers will lead to THRILLING them!!

About the Author
Debbie Silverman is a Human Behavior Specialist and President of a consumer research company called Consumer Perspective LLC. She is also a two-time Effie Award winner for Marketing Excellence, NLP Practitioner and creator and co-author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller, “It’s Just a Conversation.”With 30+ years’ experience, Debbie uses her unique strategic engagement techniques to raise the bar on how businesses communicate with their customers to create RAVING FANS! Debbie gets a thrill when she can reveal ways companies can delight their customers and initiate long-term and PROFITABLE conversations. Contact Debbie Silverman today for ways to delight your customers; speaking engagements and corporate workshops. Debbie may be reached at Debbie@Consumer-Perspective.com. You can find Debbie on LinkedIn and Facebook. For more information about Consumer Perspective LLC, please go to www.Consumer-Perspective.com

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