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Debbie Silverman of Consumer Perspective

Debbie Silverman

Human Behavior Specialist

I love my business because I get to learn a little about a lot and I get to help companies truly connect with their customers and see a RORI™!

What is RORI™ you might ask…

RORI™ is Return on Research Investment.

After spending twelve years in the Advertising Agency world (BBDO, Y&R, Lintas NY), I became restless sitting in meetings where the conversation would inevitably start out “I think we should do this” or “I think this is a good idea.” I realized that “thinking” often leads to costly marketing mistakes. I created Consumer-Perspective in 1995 to take the guesswork out of marketing and move my clients’ conversations from I think to “I know!”.

It’s very exciting to me to identify what moves people to take action to buy a particular Brand and what that Brand means to them in their daily lives. My agency background along with my psychology degree, 30+ years of market research experience, and certification as a NLP Practitioner, all support my relentless pursuit to dig deeper and deeper until I know what makes your customers tick and what motivates them.

Check out the book I created and co-authored with Trish Carr It’s Just a Conversation – What to Say and How to Say It in Business. Look for It’s Just a Conversation wherever books are sold. For more information about how to have that next important conversation, go to http://Itsjustaconversationbook.com


Consumer Perspective Mission

Our mission is to take the guesswork out of marketing for you by making sure that you have a total understanding of your customers/clients. Insights developed from the research will help you create a deeper connection with your target which will ultimately result in more business than you have now.

The passion I have for my clients’ businesses extends beyond the research that is conducted. I am committed to providing stunning and smart marketing tactics and strategies that lead to successful new products and brand introductions; bring new life to tired brands, overhaul all communication efforts including website and advertising; grow businesses and guarantee that clients get actionable results.

The formula for your growth is quite simple…

Consumer Insight + Brand Insight = MONEY IN THE BANK!