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Market Research

Market Research

Market Research

Market Research

Who We Are & What We Do

Consumer-Perspective LLC is a consumer research company that guarantees a Return on Research Investment 
(RORI ™) on every project. Through customized research studies we’ll uncover things about your consumers or target audience you never knew before and help you move the conversation from “I Think” to “I KNOW!” — SAVING you precious marketing dollars.

Find out…

  • How to truly CONNECT with your customers
  • If your Brand story is meaningful to your target
  • What your customers are saying about your Brand
  • How loyal your customers are to your Brand
  • How your Brand measures up to your competition
  • If your website is relevant to your target
  • If Social Media can create a Buzz for your Brand
  • What you can do to GROW your business
  • How to have the next conversation with your customers that promises to create a long and prosperous relationship.

Our main service areas are:

Corporate Research & Development Services

Large scale quantitative and in-depth qualitative research studies including research to solve client needs for developing new products and concepts; repositioning existing brands; ad concept testing; revitalizing tired brands; optimizing advertising,…

Entrepreneur Research & Development Services

The Consumer Sweet Spot Blueprint is a plan designed to highlight your brand purpose, or your “WHY”, and link that to your consumer’s pain points, thus creating a connection so strong that you generate the WOW factor which leads to loyal customers and raving fans…

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Call NOW To Grow Your Business: (954) 341-3083

Some Of Our Clients...

Toyato - Consumer Perspective Client

QVC - Consulting Client

UPS - Focus Griup Client Of Consumer Perspective

Atlantis - Consumer Perspective Client

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